3 Effective Rodent Proofing Tips To Follow Right Now

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3 Effective Rodent Proofing Tips To Follow Right Now

3 Effective Rodent Proofing Tips To Follow Right Now

Are you struggling with a rat and mice infestation inside your home? Rodents i.e. rats and mice are highly notorious pests who are responsible for degrading the health and hygiene of a family. They can cause an excess of clutter inside and outside a property.

Since rats are tiny, they can readily enter a premise by squeezing themselves through the tiniest wall and window holes. If you are facing a rat infestation and wants to get rid of them, you may need to take the assistance of expert rat exterminators. Once you are free of rats, try the rodent proofing tips to prevent their future infestation.

Some effective tips to prevent rodents include:

  • Sealing the holes

    The foremost thing to do is to block their entryway by sealing away the potential cracks and wall holes in and outside the home. This will greatly restrict their entry in your property. Don’t ignore even a dime sized hole as they can gnaw over it to make it larger enough to allow them an easy entry. You can use steel wool or copper mesh as a hole filling material.

  • Prevent moisture

    Rats and mice love to stay in cold and moist places. If there is any moisture hit area in your home, get it cleaned. Look for any leaking pipes and drains, if they exist, hire a professional plumber to prevent the potential causes of leaks. Inspect your basement foundation and windows for any loose opening or worn out weather stripping. To make sure no more gaps exist, replace the weather strips regularly.

  • Remove clutter

    Alike all other pests, rodents are more attracted towards a dirty and cluttered property. If your yard, garage, interiors, attic or basement is cluttered, clear it right away. After everything is kept at the place, close the doors and windows to prevent any rat in the house to invade it. Try removing their potential sources of attraction, including the leftover food, unwanted paper, damaged wires and open garage bins to make your home less appealing.

These were some of the proven and effective tips to follow to get rid of unwanted rats and mice population. If you are looking for a pest control expert in Hamilton, feel free to contact us at Hamilton Pest.

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